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Dear Past Self,

Why do you suck so much? Honestly, I feel like all I do lately is clean up your messes. Why didn’t you write that paper? You knew about it for a month. An entire month. And what did you do? You waited until the last minute and made me do it. You always do that. You leave your clothes on the floor, knowing I’ll have to clean it up. It’s the same with dirty dishes. Seriously, you’re only a little bit younger than I am. There is no need for you to behave so childishly. Also, can you stop it with the popcorn? You know it makes me sick. And perfume, too. We’re allergic. We will still be allergic, no matter how much you buy. You’re wasting your life—our life. You should be doing something productive, but instead all you do is play video games and write pointless letters to yourself.

~Present Self
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"It’s a feature of our age that if you write a work of fiction, everyone assumes that the people and events in it are disguised biography — but if you write your biography, it’s equally assumed you’re lying your head off."

— Margaret Atwood

I hesitate to write parents who are abusive or absent because I worry that people will think that its based upon my own parents, when in fact the opposite is true. My parents are amazing. I don't mind much if readers decide that all the characters are me or Jesus in Purgatory,* but I worry when it comes to deciding they are based on other people.

*And another thing, why is Jesus even in Purgatory? If He can't get right into heaven, there's no hope for me, is there? I mean, His dad freakin' owns the place!
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Do not give you contact information out online. Ever. Not your phone number, your hometown, your full name, your street number, any of that. Because it is insanely easy to find out more from it, and I don't want you to get hurt or killed, okay?
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This is a facebook note from forever ago:

I just spent about five minutes of my life reporting links to websites about how much a bunch of high school kids hate their ex-girlfriends. Each and every one promised nude pictures of the girls. There's no way these girls are eighteen, which makes this child pornography. I know they don't realize that, and I know it's silly, but they could get put away for the rest of their lives.

Man, my ex just told all his friends I was ugly.

I feel so bad for these girls. Not only do they probably have to go to school with boys this nasty and immature, that crap can now never be deleted.

And yes, I am enough of a goody-two-shoes to report them. Bunch a jerks. I don't feel guilty at all.
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A German plastic surgeon has told how he built himself the perfect wife after wedding a "dowdy" woman "for her potential".

Mr Vossough told German news website that he thinks a woman should be "like a jewel that enhances the man"

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Almost a third of Georgia Republicans appear to be willing to break ties with their country.

A new poll by the Daily Kos finds 32 percent would favor seceding from the United States. 18 percent of Georgians overall favor separating from the union.

Last week, Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, a Republican candidate for governor, said that, if he was elected, he would reaffirm Georgia sovereignty under the 10th Amendment.

In Texas, a full 48 percent of Republicans polled favored secession.
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America is not pre-WWII Germany, Obama is not Hitler, you are not greatly suffering because the guy you didn't vote for won.

That is all.
orange_prose: She-devil from Echo Bazaar (Default) has a list of protests in 50 cities. I'm not really close to any of them, but hey. Go forth and protest for me, tens of readers!

Or don't. That's cool too.
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I think that Michael Steele (as in the chairman of the Republican National Committee) is crazy nuts. That is all.

Okay, that's not all. A quote from him, taken out of context because I'm part of the feminist, liberal media.

"The difference is, Barack Obama has asked your generation to wear his hat — the hat of one man. I'm asking you to go out and ask your friends to wear our hat -– the hat of an idea."

So, do y'all wear Obama's hat?


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