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This is a facebook note from forever ago:

I just spent about five minutes of my life reporting links to websites about how much a bunch of high school kids hate their ex-girlfriends. Each and every one promised nude pictures of the girls. There's no way these girls are eighteen, which makes this child pornography. I know they don't realize that, and I know it's silly, but they could get put away for the rest of their lives.

Man, my ex just told all his friends I was ugly.

I feel so bad for these girls. Not only do they probably have to go to school with boys this nasty and immature, that crap can now never be deleted.

And yes, I am enough of a goody-two-shoes to report them. Bunch a jerks. I don't feel guilty at all.
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Almost a third of Georgia Republicans appear to be willing to break ties with their country.

A new poll by the Daily Kos finds 32 percent would favor seceding from the United States. 18 percent of Georgians overall favor separating from the union.

Last week, Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, a Republican candidate for governor, said that, if he was elected, he would reaffirm Georgia sovereignty under the 10th Amendment.

In Texas, a full 48 percent of Republicans polled favored secession.
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America is not pre-WWII Germany, Obama is not Hitler, you are not greatly suffering because the guy you didn't vote for won.

That is all.
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I can't even remember where I found But I like the "On Hollywood's Strong, Self-Hating Women"
article. Its by a guy! And he talks sense! And I want to meet him and give him a hug. But, as a stereotypical member of my generation, I need more stimulation then that podcast-thingy gave me. Dang, dude has a calm voice. I wanted to listen to the others, but they made me tired. So yeah.

Maybe Australian Gamer's podcasts have spoiled me. And yes, I know I'm not Australian. But I'm a gamer, and one out of two ain't bad. But I digress. They have much more... animation in their voices. I'm really trying to sound nice about this, because I genuinely liked his points and his views, and I don't want to just yell "BE MORE INTERESTING!" at the guy.
orange_prose: She-devil from Echo Bazaar (Default) has a list of protests in 50 cities. I'm not really close to any of them, but hey. Go forth and protest for me, tens of readers!

Or don't. That's cool too.


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