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I can't even remember where I found But I like the "On Hollywood's Strong, Self-Hating Women"
article. Its by a guy! And he talks sense! And I want to meet him and give him a hug. But, as a stereotypical member of my generation, I need more stimulation then that podcast-thingy gave me. Dang, dude has a calm voice. I wanted to listen to the others, but they made me tired. So yeah.

Maybe Australian Gamer's podcasts have spoiled me. And yes, I know I'm not Australian. But I'm a gamer, and one out of two ain't bad. But I digress. They have much more... animation in their voices. I'm really trying to sound nice about this, because I genuinely liked his points and his views, and I don't want to just yell "BE MORE INTERESTING!" at the guy.
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I watched a new show on the SciFi channel yesterday. The channel is important, because they actually now call themselves the SyFy channel, but I and my mom decided that that is stupid and we are going to ignore it. We think it is trying to make them seem young so that they can attract new people.

Anyway, the show was called Warehouse 13, and it was good! It had explosions and a mystery and a girl who might be psychic! I liked it, but I'm not going to tell you any more about it, because I want everyone to see it so that SciFi won't cancel it for something crappy. I will be heartbroken.

My only complaint was that the woman was all angry-face throughout the show, while the guy actually liked weird stuff (and cookies! There is a running joke about cookies.). Why are the girls never any fun?

And, [ profile] mightycarrot, there is a ferret!


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