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"I hate blogs. Blogs are for angry people who are sitting at their computer with a glass of wine at midnight with nothing better to do. No companies use blogs anymore."
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9 things people might not know about you:

1. I think it would be cool to get a snakebite piecing, like this:

2. But I would chew on it and it would get infected and gross. I chew on everything.

3. I'm really bad at these things. I don't think I'm really interesting.

4. I used to be really snobby about the books I read, but I'm trying to stop.

5. I eat napkins every chance I get.

6. I love comics, and desperately wish I could draw so that I could do some.

7. I take anti-depressants.

8. I have more friends this year then I have ever before. :)

9. I'm quite good at painting.
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This is the story I wrote for ontd_creepy:

Almost every neighborhood has a hoarder. They may have trash in their house, piled high, or, in a much sadder case, they may hoard animals. We call these people crazy cat ladies, and are generally horrible to them.

Before I was married the first time, I lived in a town with the worst animal hoarder I had ever heard about. This woman was extremely elderly, and she had not aged well. You could see every bone in her hands and the skin was peeled so tightly on her face (and almost all you could see of her was her hands and her face). I was cashier at a Wal-Mart during this time, and she would come in periodically. She was not a pleasant woman, she would snap at us with strange orders to pack only certain things together, and the orders changed each time.

I Was Born A Ramblin' Man )
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Okay, so, why The Snow Man matter to me, in 500 words or less. Or, at least, one hopes.

I think that you should not talk about things you don't know anything about. For instance, having never been homeless, talked to more than five homeless people, or done any research on the subject, I can't really talk about how they're just lazy. I do believe in "write what you know," but I think they make it too limiting. Women can write male characters, and men can write female characters. They can even do it well! But they should work at it, and think about it.

Anyway, what really got me on not assuming was two things in my life, which I will now put forward to you, in chronological order. this is a good time, I think )
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When I was younger, I decided I hated poetry. This was partially because I decided at about eight that I would not be girly in any way, shape, or form. I would not like pink, I would not wear dresses, I would not bathe**, and I wouldn't let Mommy brush my hair. People were already calling me a tomboy, so I decided to own it. blah, blah, blah )
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Today I chose to share with you part of the wonderful wackiness that is me*.

I am afraid of lawnmowers. I actually have a good reason for it (as far as these things go), but I won't share that because it's funnier without context.

*You see what I did there, making it sound like I'm doing you a favor? I'm feeling substantially un-humble today.
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So the Harry Potter movie, combined with the music video of We Lost You by Sepultura* made me think of this

People over five-years-old in matching clothing kinda creep me out. Especially when they also look alike. Those twins in the Slug Club** made me make all these worried faces. And during the Christmas party! You'd think one'd look at the other, go "ew," and wear something else. When you're dressing yourself but still dressing like your sister/brother, I expect some weird things to happen. Like, one of you's evil and going to go all Single White Female.

Anyway, just a random thought.

*Here it is, in case you want to listen with me:
The people in the same clothes are in the background in one part, and aren't important.

**They were not the Patil twins. I hope.


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