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This is a facebook note from forever ago:

I just spent about five minutes of my life reporting links to websites about how much a bunch of high school kids hate their ex-girlfriends. Each and every one promised nude pictures of the girls. There's no way these girls are eighteen, which makes this child pornography. I know they don't realize that, and I know it's silly, but they could get put away for the rest of their lives.

Man, my ex just told all his friends I was ugly.

I feel so bad for these girls. Not only do they probably have to go to school with boys this nasty and immature, that crap can now never be deleted.

And yes, I am enough of a goody-two-shoes to report them. Bunch a jerks. I don't feel guilty at all.
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My dad was forced to get a new phone number (this isn't as good a story as it sounds) recently. And there was the typical wrong numbers that come with that. I swear our whole family gets more wrong number then is normal. He would get calls for John*. Apparently John was kind of a jerk, and my dad gets angry calls/texts occasionally from John's exes. Turns out it was a John Tucker Must Die kinda situation, where all these women found out John was dating the lot of them. John quickly changed phone numbers, leaving my poor happily married dad with all these women demanding to know why John cheated on them. Luckily, my dad's name is not John.

*I considered changing his name, as I will with most people I eventually talk about, but I figured it's common enough, and I don't actually know the guy, so meh.


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