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I'm going to put this on here and facebook, because facebook eats my notes. So, 25 things about me.

1. I still faithfully read the Sunday comics, though it may not be on the right day.
2. I believe in ghosts, though I don't believe every ghost story I hear.
3. I have an opinion on pretty much anything you could name.
4. My new years resolution is to say my opinions in discussions, even if it varies from the popular one.
5. I don't do this often, because I dislike conflict.
6. When I am nervous, I break out all my ten-dollar words.
7. And when I'm angry, I develop a Southern accent.
8. I read every paper you've left out the moment you turn your back.
9. But I don't move stuff to read more. Now.
10. I'm still afraid of the dark.
11. I am incapable of eye-contact.
12. I'm a slob.
13. I'm superstitious about random stuff. Like, pennies have to be face-up, or I won't touch them.
14. My favorite color is neon orange.
15. I put way too much thought in what people think of me based on my clothes.
16. Due to the people who don't believe in homosexuality or the holocaust, I no longer believe in green peppers or the Battle of Waterloo.
17. I am trying to eat healthier, lately, but it's hard.
18. I automatically lose all respect for people who cite their parents in arguments.
19. I watch reality TV when I am in a bad mood to feel better about myself.
20. Sometimes I feel like I put more thought into commercials then the people who made them.
21. Caffeine doesn't make me any less tired.
22. I like myself a lot better now that I am out of high school.
23. I don't have a favorite kind of music, I like all kinds. Including rap and country.
24. My worst fear is becoming nonexistent. I know it's silly, because if I didn't exist, I wouldn't be afraid, but it still freaks me out.
25. I don't really like chocolate that much.

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