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I'm going to put this on here and facebook, because facebook eats my notes. So, 25 things about me.

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This is a facebook note from forever ago:

I just spent about five minutes of my life reporting links to websites about how much a bunch of high school kids hate their ex-girlfriends. Each and every one promised nude pictures of the girls. There's no way these girls are eighteen, which makes this child pornography. I know they don't realize that, and I know it's silly, but they could get put away for the rest of their lives.

Man, my ex just told all his friends I was ugly.

I feel so bad for these girls. Not only do they probably have to go to school with boys this nasty and immature, that crap can now never be deleted.

And yes, I am enough of a goody-two-shoes to report them. Bunch a jerks. I don't feel guilty at all.
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When I was younger, I decided I hated poetry. This was partially because I decided at about eight that I would not be girly in any way, shape, or form. I would not like pink, I would not wear dresses, I would not bathe**, and I wouldn't let Mommy brush my hair. People were already calling me a tomboy, so I decided to own it. blah, blah, blah )


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